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Technology Guest Blogs – Quality links Increase your Page Rank

Link Building is multiple benefits that can boost your blogs or sites, yet often get ignored. Quality Link building is important for search engine optimization. Here are some benefits of link building and give you some tips for increase search engine rank page (SERP). Create Content Wisely: Create awesome content that solves people problems and […]

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Formatting Bytes to Higher order Bytes in C# – II

The last post was about formatting the Bytes into any desirable format. This post also shares the same but with much less complexity. The chunk of code was created by JLopez The problem can be found out here The following is the solution

Hope this set of code was helpful. Using the above set […]

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Formatting Bytes to Higher order Bytes in C# – I

Ever encountered large number of bytes and the issue of converting them into respective Kilobytes, Megabytes and Gigabytes? And what could add the frustration when you have to provide them dynamically with changing time? Here I have a set of code which can be used to convert ‘Bytes’ into ‘KB’,’MB’ and ‘GB’ and the values […]

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